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Whether you have been contacted by investigators who have requested that you come in for an initial interview, or if you have received a summons in the mail regarding a criminal charge, it’s best to have an attorney at your side from the very beginning. Having access to experienced legal counsel who can answer your questions regarding the charges, criminal procedure or the criminal justice system in general can be invaluable in protecting your rights and your peace of mind.

Our firm will zealously work to defend your rights in all stages of your case when representing you in your criminal matter. A former prosecutor, Ms. Kilmer now represents and defends clients at any or all stages of a criminal matter including  D.U.I.s, misdemeanorsfelony charges and domestic violence matters from the initial investigation through motions hearings, plea negotiations, trial and/or sentencing hearings.  Representation is also available for any post sentencing matters that may arise – including civil petitions to have your criminal record sealed if it is applicable to your case.

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